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Online Purchase of Photo Prints and Personalised Keyrings


A High Quality Print: Mounted in a 'good quality card' free standing photoframe (free of logos, watermarks and copyrights)

All photos featured on Facebook in the nightclub's photo albums are displayed at a reduced resolutions e.g. smaller and lower quality from the original.

For all mounted photos, when ordering your print from us you are guaranteed a full resolution image taken from the original photograph e.g. a far superior quality photo to the version displayed in Facebook photo albums, and all logos, watermarks and copyrights are removed from the image to give you a clean image as originally taken.

To guarantee the best quality (rather than printing it ourselves) we forward your photo image to a professional printing company who reproduce the print on high quality photo paper using colourfast indelible ink. At present this takes time, but we are in talks with a local printing company who are in the process of setting up business so that we get a faster and more personal service for you.

If you specifically want a mounted photo of a size different to the standard order size of 9" x 6" then please contact me at for further details and enquiries.

Choose Photo or Keyring
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Important when placing your order

When placing your order please ensure:-

  • You've copied the full web link from the Facebook photo album into the Photo ID box, as that's the only we can correctly identify which photo you want printed.
  • That your full postal address is correct when paying via PayPal, so that we can send you your photo or keyring through the post.
  • And also that your e-mail address and phone number are correct when paying via PayPal, so that we can contact you if necessary.
  • For full details of how to successfully place an order to ensure you give us sufficient information to complete your order request e.g. Photo ID, contact details and address for us to post your photo or keyring, please see the 'How Do I Place an Order' instructions below, and optionally view the 'How to...' video.

Mounted Photos 9" x 6" @ £7.50 each - Keyrings @ £3.50 each (or both for £10 only) - Plus P&P @ £1.00

Photographs on my Flickr on-line photo albums and from photos taken by me on the Queen Shilling's Facebook or Pranj's Bar Facebook can be ordered via the Order form above.

  • It's most important that you enter the 'Photo ID' (as per instructions below) in the appropriate box on the order form, so that we can identify which photo you want to buy or have inserted into a personalised keyring. Please also include your email so that we can contact you if required.
  • After pressing the 'Buy Now' button you can either amend your order to buy additional copies (of the photo or keyring) or just confirm payment.
  • Once you've successfully placed your order please allow up to two weeks from date of receipt of your mounted photo or keyring to arrive.
  • All orders received will be acknowledged and receipted by PayPal when you make your payment.


  1. Visit your photo in the online photo album on the nightclub's Facebook/Flickr page.
  2. Use your mouse to copy the full web link at the top of the page.
  3. Return to this page and paste that link in the 'Enter Your Photo ID Here' box on the PayPal form.
  4. Choose whether you want a Mounted Print, personalised Key Ring, or both (at a discounted price) from the 'Choose Photo or Keyring' from the drop down' menu box.
  5. And Press the 'Buy Now' button.

Watch the video below for a visual guide on placing an order:-

Optionally, once you press play, press the 'Full Screen' icon in the bottom right corner of the video screen if you wish to view the video full screen.

What if I don't have a PayPal Account

For added security, and for your peace of mind, all payments are made via PayPal who will accept payments using your credit card if you don't have a PayPal account.


Privacy and security

Your postal and e-mail address and phone number is secure with PayPal and is only used by us in order to contact you and send you your order. We do not put your personal details on our website and only use that information in order to complete our service with you.

Contact PJPContact Details
To contact us for further information, enquiries or to make a booking, please e-mail '' or telephone me on 0117-9658682 (we use an answering machine so as not to miss any calls).