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Coronet Fildia Folding Camera c1947


Because these and similar models were mass produced by the Coronet company between 1926 and 1967 the date of manufacture for the individual models shown here are currently uncertain. And it is unclear whether this model used the Coronet’s 120 or 620 film as similar models used different films and some were interchangeable. However, a similar model to this, produced for the French market that used 620 films and made after 1945 has been identified so this model may date to around that time period. For further identification the body of this camera is identical to the Coronet Fildia folding camera c1947 although there are differences in the lens.

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Coronet Rex folding camera c1930


Coronet Rex Folding Pocket Camera manufactured in England c1930 is an inexpensive basic folding bed camera made with a metal body covered in leatherette. This camera with a fixed focus and simple rotary shutter used ‘120 roll film’.

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Coronet Cub Camera


Coronet Cub with purse case for women 1946.

Description - This is a simple viewfinder camera with a plastic body which had a sprung telescoping front and a folding frame viewfinder. This viewfinder was replaced by a fixed tubular viewfinder in 1948 on the Anastigmat and Flash models, and later the viewfinder was built in to the top plate. The Coronet Cubs uses 828 films.

History - Several versions of the Coronet Cub where made in England from 1939 until at least 1948 by the Coronet Camera Company. The original 1939 model was all plastic with a single-speed shutter and fixed-focus lens. The model shown here with metal top and bottom plates and an f10 lens was introduced in 1946.

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Coronet Every Distance Camera


Coronet Every Distance 1935.

Description - This camera is a metal box construction covered in black leatherette with a pressed Art Deco design in the surface. The ‘Every Distance’ lens had three focal distances, selected by toggle to focus on 5 feet, 10 feet and infinity. The camera used 120 films.

History - The Coronet Every Distance was a box camera made in England in c1935 by the Coronet Camera Company.

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